Towards a New Epistemology of Mathematics

September 14-16, 2006

Berlin, Germany


The organizers of the workshop will be editing a proceedings volume with journal versions of some of the papers presented at the workshop. This proceedings volume will appear as a special issue of the journal Erkenntnis in 2008.

The submission deadline was December 16th, 2006. All papers are being peer reviewed to the usual high standards of the journal Erkenntnis. Submission is by e-mail attachment of a PDF or PS file to bloewe (at) There was a page limit of 12 pages for contributed papers and 15 pages for the invited speakers.

Please prepare your papers with LaTeX in the house style of the journal. The page count for the mentioned page limit of 12 or 15 pages will be calculated in the house style of the journal. For the initial submission, we do not need the LaTeX files; please just submit the PDF or PS file.

You can find the needed files to produce the paper in the Kluwer house style (together with some documentation) at the Springer LaTeX page. The class file is called kluwer.cls.
Author(s) Title Pages Submitted Status
Alan Baker Experimental Mathematics 15 Dec 16, 2006 REVISION
Kajsa Bråting, Johanna Pejlare Visualizations in Mathematics - a historical and didactical approach 16 Dec 14, 2006; Revised: Apr 27, 2007, Jun 14, 2007 ACCEPTED
Keith Devlin The useful and reliable illusion of reality in mathematics 20 Sep 20, 2006; Revised: Apr 15, 2007, Jul 20, 2007 ACCEPTED
Kenny Easwaran The role of axioms in mathematics 12 Nov 17, 2006;
Revised: Feb 14, 2007
Brendan Larvor How is the philosophy of mathematical practice related to its history? 10 Dec 15, 2006;
Revised: Aug 17, 2007
Dirk Schlimm On the importance of asking the right research questions: Could Jordan have proved the Jordan-Hölder Theorem? 14 Dec 2, 2006; Revised: Jun 10, 2007 ACCEPTED
Jean Paul Van Bendegem, Bart Van Kerkhove Pi on Earth, or Mathematics in the Real World 18 Dec 14, 2006; Revised: Jul 3, 2007, Sep 18, 2007 ACCEPTED