Philosophy of Mathematics: Sociological Aspects and Mathematical Practice
(Philosophie der Mathematik: Soziologische Aspekte und Mathematische Praxis)

The main result of the PhiMSAMP Network was our book containing selected papers from the conference PhiMSAMP-3 and the research results of the network members. The book was published by College Publications (London) in April 2010 in the book series Texts in Philosophy. A physical copy of the book can be ordered via amazon. Please inform your libraries about this and ask them to order a copy.

For the personal use of researchers in the area of Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, we provide the PDF files of individual papers on this page. The copyright is held by the individual authors.

Benedikt Löwe, Thomas Müller (eds.). PhiMSAMP. Philosophy of Mathematics: Sociological Aspects and Mathematical Practice. College Publications, London, 2010. Texts in Philosophy, volume 11.

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Is mathematics special?
A. Borovik
pp. 1-27
Contradictions in mathematics
M. Bremer
pp. 29-37
Loss of vision: How mathematics turned blind while it learned to see more clearly
B. Buldt, D. Schlimm
pp. 39-58
The cognitive basis of arithmetic
H. De Cruz, H. Neth, D. Schlimm
pp. 59-106
Revolutions in mathematics. More than thirty years after Crowe's "Ten Laws". A new interpretation
K. François, J. P. Van Bendegem
pp. 107-120
Ethnomathematics and the philosophy of mathematics (education)
K. François, B. Van Kerkhove
pp. 121-154
Peer review and knowledge by testimony in mathematics
C. Geist, B. Löwe, B. Van Kerkhove
pp. 155-178
Embodied strategies in mathematical cognition
M. Johansen
pp. 179-196
Syntactic analogies and impossible extensions
B. Larvor
pp. 197-208
Perspectives on mathematical practice from an educational point of view
K. Lengnink, N. Leufer
pp. 209-233
Learning and understanding numeral systems: Semantic aspects of number representations from an educational perspective
K. Lengnink, D. Schlimm
pp. 235-264
Skills and mathematical knowledge
B. Löwe, T. Müller
pp. 265-280
Proof: Some notes on a phenomenon between freedom and enforcement
G. Nickel
pp. 281-291
Are all contradictions equal? Wittgenstein on confusion in mathematics
E. Ramharter
pp. 293-306
Fraenkel's axiom of restriction: Axiom choice, intended models and categoricity
G. Schiemer
pp. 307-340
Exploratory experimentation in experimental mathematics: A glimpse at the PSLQ algorithm
H. K. Sørensen
pp. 341-360
For a thicker semiotic description of mathematical practice and structure
R. Wagner
pp. 361-384